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Padded Folding Knee Rest

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Category: Utilities
Brand: Dr. Talbot\'s

Bath time is a great opportunity to teach little ones how to have fun while helping them establish good hygiene. But for parents, leaning over a tub on hard floors can cause unnecessary discomfort. Dr. Talbot’s Padded Knee Rest is a perfect bath time companion. Give your knees a well-deserved break by placing the Padded Knee Rest by the tub before baby’s bath time. Our Padded Knee Rest comes complete with a nonslip backing, making bath time safer for you and baby. Cleanup after bath time is easy, too. Simply wipe the Padded Knee Rest clean and use the built-in loop to hang it up for convenient storing.


Helps reduce discomfort and knee pain.

Dense foam is sturdy and won’t lose its shape.

Built-in loop to hang dry.

Folds up for easy, compact storage.

Nonslip backing provides better stability on wet surfaces.

Made of water-resistant materials.

Minimalist, chevron pattern.

Made in United States.