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Love Notes

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Send positive thoughts, encouragement and love everywhere your child goes with these uplifting Love Notes, perfect for the lunch box, school bag or sleepovers.

Product Description

Building up your child’s confidence from the very beginning with positive mantras is so important. That’s why Mindful and Co - Kids created the Love Notes.

Why do Love Notes matter? Love Notes were developed to build resilience, give your child an extraordinary sense of purpose, strengthen positive pathways in their brain, teach kindness, cultivate self-love, and harness their divine individuality. Watch their confidence soar and your relationship blossom; just when you thought you couldn’t love them more than you already do.

Simply place Love Notes in your child’s lunch box for school, hide in pockets as a surprise, pack in their sports bag or slide into PJs for their first sleepover. You can take them anywhere, really! Think they are not for teenagers? Think again – they may just need (and appreciate) them the more than anyone. Be your child’s secret cheerleader and they will always know you have their back.

Additionally, children who taught and shown kindness are happier and more successful. This also improves friendships, builds positivity and enhances mindfulness.

Features and Benefits

Includes 30 Love Notes.

Double-side color printed with artwork and message.

Sustainable packaging and materials.

High-quality, luxurious card.

Builds resilience, self-love and confidence.

Fosters kindness, positivity and happiness.

Development based on research on growth mindset, brain plasticity and child psychology.

Suitable for classrooms.

Suitable for ages 4y+

Exclusively designed and developed in Australia for Mindful & Co – Kids.