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Katcoot Abjadiya Flash Cards

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Category: Learn Arabic
Brand: Luanatic

Arabic learning like you've never seen before, all the way from Lebanon, Luanatic Store.

Modern, colorful, fresh, portable, and compliant with the latest language teaching techniques.

This multi functional Arabic learning tool is conveniently to help kids memorize their Abjadiya. After such a bumpy school year, this is a must-have this summer!

Ergonomically packed in a very pretty patterned cotton bag, this set of sturdy flash cards is made of 95% recycled Lebanese paper! One side letter, one side drawing and an Arabic word for that same letter.

Product Details:

Comes in a beautifully patterned cotton bag.

A set of 29 very thick and sturdy cards with matte lamination to last and last and last.

Card size 9x13cm.


Suitable for ages 4 years and up.